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Regenerative Future
Daniel Pinchbeck

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About Me

Regenerative Future is a collaborative effort

Why You Should Join Me

How do you thrive in today’s fast-changing reality?

By embracing this time as your initiation, you can fulfill your greatest potential and thrive in our new, fast-changing reality. 

 We have reached a threshold of ecological and social crisis. The Coronavirus pandemic shows us the fragility of our current civilization. What comes next? 

 Individually, we can follow the call of this time to activate our gifts and super powers, maximizing our ability to succeed and thrive as the world shape-shifts around us. Collectively, we can drive the transition to a regenerative society where local communities develop greater resilience and self-reliance within a holistic, radically self-sufficient new paradigm. In this course, we define what this means while gaining the new skills and tools we all need to make the shift.  

A Big Thanks

With gratitude for our amazing community of participants, regenerative pioneers, visionaries and activists!